Double the Singles – It’s Twofer-Tember!

“Where are those songs you promised?!” I hear you screaming shrilly. Please, lower your voice! We haven’t forgotten. In fact, today we are releasing two (2) brand-new Lunar Singles for your listening pleasure. They can be found here.

First up is “Fell From an Airplane,” a characteristically jubilant HAD tune about impending death. Death by falling. You know, from an airplane.

From the atmosphere down to the hydrosphere, song number two, “In the Belly of a Whale,” examines the joy of utter isolation.

But enough talk. Let’s listen.

New Single Available Today – "Only Man on Earth"

That new song we were talking about? Only Man on Earth? Well, it’s available at iTunes. Give it a listen and if you love it, do consider downloading it for your collection.

Your dollar goes to support further work from Half Acre Day, who would love nothing more than to continue bringing you music like this. And eating… eating’s good. We might also buy some beer with it, if that’s cool with you. But mostly more music.

New single, and newly married.

This past weekend, emerging from an underground studio in Pioneer Square, shielding my eyes from the strange daylight with one hand while clutching the ripened digital fruit of the band’s latest effort – a tune called “Only Man on Earth” – in the other, it occurred to me that we were now halfway through with this little experiment of ours, this new-single-every-month-for-a-year business.

Already? yep, already.

This is a busy month for us. One of our own – Sir Martin Ballew – and his lovely bride Sommer are getting hitched this coming weekend, and the band, as the male half of the wedding party, has its collective hands full trying to remember the two tiny responsibilities we’ve been given: To show up and to show up wearing pants.

Meanwhile we’re releasing the aforementioned 6th single, practicing for upcoming shows like International Pop Overthrow and Choochokam Arts Festival (Whoops, canceled! Sorry Whidbey Island and the fine residents of Langley, WA, we will miss you), plus writing more songs because we still have six more to deliver.

Well, seven, actually… cause we’re… Nah, never mind that right now. Another time, another blog.

The more astute among you may have noticed that yesterday was the new moon, and that instead of giving you something new to listen to, we’re giving you a whole lot of talk, including vaguely excuse-y sounding phrases like, “this is a busy month for us.”

But calm yourselves, astute ones. The song, as I previously mentioned, is completed. In fact, it is currently on it’s way via this fabled Series of Tubes to the iTunes, the Amazon, and a dozen other online outlets for your downloading and listening pleasure. If it weren’t for the fact that every file submitted to Apple must be manually checked for viruses by a magic talking dog (who, although super-intelligent, is hampered by a lack of thumbs) the damn song would be available the same day it’s uploaded.

But yes, in a matter of days the song will show up unannounced on iTunes, we will pull the trigger and you’ll all be shot full of our love. In the meantime, the band will be standing at the foot of an active volcano, wearing pants and celebrating Marty and Sommer’s love. Until then, peace be with you all.

Taking "One for the Team," HAD snuggles up with They Might Be Giants

An upcoming benefit compilation CD will feature HAD’s “Skeletons” alongside tracks by They Might Be Giants, Snowglobe and others.

Nashville based nonprofit group Love in Stereo does kind things through music. All kinds of kind things, including benefits for Haiti relief and She Dances, a non-profit organization to help victims of human trafficking.

This one is a little different, though… Love in Stereo has teamed up with Nashville radio station WFHU to produce the compilation CD, “One For the Team.” Proceeds from sales benefit a special needs youth baseball league in Nashville, founded by a gentleman who rightly believes that everyone should be able to play baseball. With the league growing every day with kids whose needs range from autism to brittle bone disease, they find themselves in need of a new field with special accommodations.

It’s pretty amazing and inspiring that these folks – living in a region that just experienced catastrophic flooding – are so busy helping others. This is a terrific cause and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

More details as they become available.

Revenge of the Nerds 2 – HAD Pops Up at Google I/O Conference

Do you use Firefox? If so, you are a classy dude and/or chick.

Now – at least in some small way – Half Acre Day is part the history of the internet superhighway.

How? Well, Mozilla – the people responsible for the Firefox browser and big time players in the future of the internet – included as part of their keynote presentation the Project London “Multiply Teaser,” so named because it features the song “Multiply,” a Half Acre Day tune available only on the Project London film soundtrack.

I don’t know what Mozilla’s presentation was about, but but it must have had something to do with fighting robots, which I find simultaneously frightening and exhilarating. I guess there was something about opening up web video content and revolutionizing the way we watch lolcatz on the internet, blah blah, but who cares about that? Fuckin’ ROBOTS, man.

It’s about time, Mozilla. Now where’s our flying car?

Whatever the message, you can bet HAD’s Raw Rok Power set some fanny packs to shakin’ at Moscone Center that day. Perhaps the pulsing rhythms precipitated some amorous convention dalliances, resulting in brilliant but socially awkward love babies. We like to think so. And that maybe – just maybe – they have our eyes.