Revenge of the Nerds 2 – HAD Pops Up at Google I/O Conference

Do you use Firefox? If so, you are a classy dude and/or chick.

Now – at least in some small way – Half Acre Day is part the history of the internet superhighway.

How? Well, Mozilla – the people responsible for the Firefox browser and big time players in the future of the internet – included as part of their keynote presentation the Project London “Multiply Teaser,” so named because it features the song “Multiply,” a Half Acre Day tune available only on the Project London film soundtrack.

I don’t know what Mozilla’s presentation was about, but but it must have had something to do with fighting robots, which I find simultaneously frightening and exhilarating. I guess there was something about opening up web video content and revolutionizing the way we watch lolcatz on the internet, blah blah, but who cares about that? Fuckin’ ROBOTS, man.

It’s about time, Mozilla. Now where’s our flying car?

Whatever the message, you can bet HAD’s Raw Rok Power set some fanny packs to shakin’ at Moscone Center that day. Perhaps the pulsing rhythms precipitated some amorous convention dalliances, resulting in brilliant but socially awkward love babies. We like to think so. And that maybe – just maybe – they have our eyes.

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