Many bands can boast of intricate arrangements, hook-laden melodies, precision instrumentation and four-part harmonies… but few can deliver the goods like Seattle quintet Half Acre Day.

Each member is a capable singer and songwriter in their own right, each bringing to the table the imagination and chops essential in creating their unique combination of groovin’ rhythms, intricate riffs, tasty licks, soaring melodies, inventive textures and thought-provoking lyrics.

HAD’s tunes – best described as neo-classic-rock, back-porch-pop and experimental-baroque gently poured into a blender, set to “atomize” and served over a bed of in-your-face-acapella – are the kind of timeless songs you’ll still be listening to when you’re eligible for retirement, and your kids are only into Japanese techno-polka, doing the “asteroid shrug” on the kitchen table all hopped up on “space-roids.” Of course, they’ll probably secretly be into Half Acre Day as well.