lyrics – fourteen trips around the sun


Hey little shoeshine
Little shoeshine of mine
Lay on the hillside
Write your name in the sky
Spine filled with triple a batteries
Bones made of solid mahogany

Give you my bones give me your heart
O what a lovely day that’ll be
I’ll hold you in my bionic arms
O what a lovely day that’ll be
O what a lovely day

Hey little moonshine
Little moonshine of mine
Gaze happily at the sun
Make me go blind
Blown out out of the water so blue
Thrown in into the fire with you

There’ll come a time
When sinister hot air balloons
will darken the day
God bless you dear
in the wink of the cannibal’s eye
There’ll come a day
We will be one
Here underneath the American Sun
God bless you dear
O what a lovely day

I’ll go blind and you’ll go blind
from staring at the sun
I don’t mind if you don’t mind
we’ll outlive everyone

The world is an ocean that we couldn’t fathom
But we all end up on the bottom eventually
We’ll attempt the impossible
Land in the hospital everyone’s watching

Dead Man’s Hill

They always keep you
Chained to the fence
Every few years the Government
Will come around and paint you red

Cause you’re a target
of misdirected rage
Easily replaced, so it’s okay
to carve my name in your face

Did you hear what happened
To Johnny Unicycle?
Did you hear that Johnny got killed?
It’s exactly as the name implies
You’ll never make it home alive
Down the other side
Of Dean Man’s Hill

You pointed out to me that
her name was mine spelled backwards
It seems so obvious now
It’s just like looking in the mirror

Turning Into Stars

The moon exploded
the other day
I tried to see it but the clouds got in the way
Turned on the TV
the weather girl
Said it’s raining moon-dust all around the world

Pink skyscrapers red skyline
Elevator eyes
Are turning into stars

No more calendar
No more zodiac
No more seasons to keep the birds coming back
No more breakers
out on the sea
No one to blame cause no one claimed responsibility

The resulting AM radio interference
Would account for a thousand one
Beautiful songs’ disappearance
They will replace it with a giant ball made of silver
Sterling silver

Walk on water
Knock on wood
Doesn’t matter if you do
But you should


It happened in spring 2013
Some will stay here and some will disappear.
The Government will say
Blame it on the aliens

It happened to be on the TV
Read it in the news and a magazine
Your mother will say
she’ll blame it on the aliens

Some of you will stay
Some will fly away

It happened in spring 2013
You were standing in the living room
Everyone was gone and you were alone
And you blame it on the aliens

With your arms out wide
Collected by the sun
With your arms out wide
Collected by the sky


So this is the afterlife
For a big man in a small town
You climb to the top of the standpipe
And watch all the buildings burn down
And I’ll be at my funeral
Drink me a nogginful
Scream, "why did he have to go?"
Only the Astronauts know.

And when I get to heaven
I’ll study my human remains
Marveling at the sheer thickness
Of my skull and the state of my brains
Remembering when I was
tissue and bone and blood
I don’t know how long ago
Only the Astronauts know.

Make friends with the dolphin
And don’t ever fight
Cause no matter what the dolphin’s always right
Because you see they’re known to be quite bright.
Have fun with the porpoise you swim round and round
Oh what a time you’ll have until he drags you down
Oh what fun you;ll have until he drags you down

And though you won’t last a minute underwater
And the dolphin won’t last long upon the land
You’ll swim along and sing a song
in a language you both understand

And the rockets’ red glare
Balloons are bursting in the bright summer air
Life is a poison that we drink from day to day
Lov is a postcard sent from far away

Take if from me
You don’t want to be
Hanging around when my metropolis burns to the ground
Can it be real? can it be true?
I gave up a lifetime
I gave up a life of computers for you.

Black clouds are forming
like honeybees swarming
But which way the cold wind will blow
Only the Astronauts know.

Stay On Target

Stay on Target
Is all of this real or just a market that’s waiting to explode?
We won’t love you when your old and poor

We can fight it
It’s best not to sink why you’re denying and trying to ignore
We’ll just let it run it’s course for now

Exploding stock exchange gave me the fever
We’ll have a lot to explain
And then they all will say he is not a leader
It won’t matter it will all be gone

Ah come on
We all love it when your wrong
And sometimes we can all get caught up in ego
And most it’s a show and most of it’s legal
You can’t believe the stones they throw in spite

I saw it on a sign underneath an eagle
It’s wings were spread like the plague
It’s now a symbol that reminds me of evil
That sticks it’s face into everything until it’s gone


We let ourselves drift, gazing into the summer sky.
Our bodies are close together.
A twinkle in the night. In the stars above we see

constellations as they are flying.
We’re looking for a shooting star.
We lay back and watch the show.

We are out for the showers
falling down from the blue yonder, making wishes.

And wishing for what it’s worth,
we are in a moment that lasts forever.
When the sky seems to be falling all around us,
we are comforted by the idea that we are floating without any fear.
Look at all the meteors.

We are out for the showers
falling down from the blue yonder, making wishes.


I’ll be hitting the ground
I’ll be hearing the sound
Of all the roses as they smolder
Everything that’s around now is suddenly brown
And now it’s starting to get warmer
And warmer

Everything is starting to beg the question
What the hell is going on?
And what the hell am I going to wear
To the final cataclysmic known affair

I’ll be lying around
I’ll will try and stay down
And not succumb from the exposure
Everything that was bound to the soil spits out
And now the stars seem so much closer and closer

Everything I’ve tried to perfect Is broken
Now I’m floating on the lawn
And all the people dying except the chosen
They were FROZEN

To keep the human race evolving on the earth
I will hover around
I’ll be floating through town
And all the carnage that’s left over
It’s so over…


Woke up in the median
On the five twenty-three
Well my car had rolled and burned
Going round a turn
But I was thrown free

I’m dancing for a miracle
Hanging by a thread
Every fiber of my being passing through the eye
Of the needle in my leg

So I breathe
Through a special machine
By the time they’re through with me
I’m gonna be just like the bionic man
So I wait
In a vegetative state
And I won’t get any older
Won’t ever die
Bye bye bye bye bye

Who’ll mow the lawn
Now that we live on the sun
Now that we live where the grass grows so beautifully
Right there in front of our house?
Who’ll be the one
To clean up the mess when they’re done
Who’ll count the holes in my head after surgery
Who’s gonna straighten me out?

And I pray for the Good Lord to give me some peace
While I scrub out my insides on my hands and knees
I’m over the rainbow with you gone away
I knew I’d regret it someday


I can see the ships sailing to us
Riding the tidal wave ‘hello’
Below our neighborhoods float away in the wake of sea
that is coming at me

I can see the world is shaped much different
In a way where the water has it’s way
with whatever it pleases
It’s a hydrogen and oxygen disease

It’s time to climb
It’s time to get up higher
It’s real this time
We got to get out
It’s about a mile
We don’t have awhile
We’ve got to get there now
And how has this come to pass

Every time that the world is over
Will we all tune into the news
First sign of apocalypse
Put your lips to mine as we wash away
We’re a culmination of fools
But none of us were like you.

Dawn Is Breaking

Dawn was breaking. I was sleeping.
God was taking my sweet mother home.

A body floating across the sea.
She kissed the waves instead of me.
Please hold me in my dreams.

Dawn was breaking. I was crying.
God was stealing my sweet mother home.

A body floating across the sea.
She kissed the waves instead of me.
Please hold me in my dreams.

Bad Day

The face I drew on the wall downstairs
Scares me half to death
I don’t know why
He seems like a real nice guy
It’s just been a bad bad day

Helicopter 6 in the morning
Thirty-first of May
And I locked my keys inside
So red against the sky blue sky
Amina Marie, you were the coffee
In my shredded wheat
It’s just been a bad bad day

I got eaten by a snake
On Sunflower Street and Shady Lane
It’s a goddamn shame
He got the neighbors just before he got me
You wouldn’t think he’d still be hungry
Chalk it up I just have to say
to a bad bad day

There was nothing I could have done
That’s the way that the river runs
Only Pizza can save me now
And here she comes walkin down
Beachview Drive
And I’m hanging on for dear life

It’s just been a bad bad day

Not Like the Movies

I dislocated my shoulder
But it’s not like the movies
Came up with foul words at a Christian party

All the memories fade away with an emergency
I’ll never amount to what you can be

I’m gonna take you out tonight
And treat you like a princess
Lock you in a tower and leave you for an hour

And when the tide rolls out I’ll take you through town
We’ll hang out in the parking lot
Think of all the things that we lost

Rollerskate at Tiffany’s
For the rest of our lives
This will be a kind of heaven
And I will be there holdng your hand
Rollerskate at Tiffany’s
For the rest of our days
And we’ll do the Hokey Pokey
till we both turn old and gray.

I dislocated my shoulder
But it’s not like the movies
You have to relax
For it to go back


I’ll try and swim for my life with the heart of a lion
I knew this was coming so long
I knew this would come
The worst thing the world could have done is to try and deny it
We all tried to believe that nothing would melt
But all of our souls lost control and forgot we were pilots
With no place left to go
We ruined our home
Ah come on now
Things will be different
The world will get what it wanted
And the ones who’ll survive
Barely alive
And technology will bring
Not much of anything
I’ll try and swim for the sun that is on the horizon
I hope I can get there before I sink or succumb