HAD Vies for Top Geek Band at Showbox SODO on 11/1/11

Remember that time Mozilla used our song “Multiply” as part of their presentation at the Google I/O Conference? *snort of derision* Kid’s stuff, for babies!

At 8pm on the evening of November 1, the Seattle Interactive Conference – a mecca for socially awkward extroverts far and wide, will be pitting the biggest music nerds in Seatown against one another in the first ever Battle of the Geek Bands at the venerable Showbox SODO. Through an arcane selection process known only to this shadowy organization of geeks, Half Acre Day, along with four other local bands whose members all have toilet paper trailing from the soles of their shoes, have been selected as the aforementioned battle-nerds.

Chosen by such local luminaries as big-butt-liker/non-liar Sir Mix-a-Lot and Chris Ballew and Jason Finn of the Presidents of the United States of America, the winner of this competition will receive a trophy (we envision something in lucite), bragging rights and an as-yet-unspecified Cash Prize (we envision something in the three-figure range… yeah, that’s right… that’s THREE).

Then, at the stroke of 11 on 11/1/11, the Presidents themselves take the stage for their special brand of rollicking, good-time rock ‘n’ roll! It’s all enough to make you wanna cancel your Wizards Club meeting.

Wanna come check this out? For free? We can help you with that – we know people. Just let us know via your preferred communication medium. But you better hurry, space is limited… and there are a LOT of geeks in this town.