Multiply on iTunes

The wait is over. Multiply is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon and a host of other services, and it’s yours for a measly dollar. Go get it!

Plus, the newly-posted-on-youtube Project London teaser clip (which features the Project London Mix of Multiply) is heatin’ on up. 48 hours and 4.5K views, that ain’t too shabby. You should go see it before it hits a Mil.

If you haven’t already, you can listen to Multiply (and Skeletons, the first single) on Half Acre Day’s web site.

Project London movie teaser clip (featuring Multiply) released today!

We just saw the new Project London teaser. It is the stuff of Legend; dystopian future Seattle, aliens among us, and severe rocking courtesy of those scamps in Half Acre Day… in this case, the Project London mix of Multiply.

Now you can see it too (and you really should):

Here it is.

The amount of talent on display here is staggering. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide came together to make this movie happen, and this is just a tiny taste.

Man, I’m gonna go watch it again.

Multiply: The Lunar Singles Mix.

It’s out there. Right now. Listen to it. That’s okay, go ahead. We’ll wait.


All done? You love it? You wanna take it home and keep it forever? Good!

Okay, so the scoop on downloading…

This song will only be available on the soon-to-be-released Project London movie soundtrack. When we say soon, we mean this puppy ought to be on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Zune and all that good stuff, like, in the next ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. But trust us, the second it happens, we’ll let everyone in on it. We just couldn’t contain ourselves any longer.

Lunar Singles, Round 2

Chapter two of the monthly Lunar Singles, “Multiply,” hits radio and the internet March 15.

Multiply is a special kind of tune. While it’s been around for a while and has become a staple of our live sets, it’s never been released. The song was originally recorded six years ago during the sessions for the self-titled second record. There were three or four songs from those sessions that seemed to vibe differently from the rest. We promptly mixed them up real nice and then sat on them, waiting for the time to be right. That time is now.

Two mix versions of the song, the radio version and the Project London Mix, will be available exclusively on the Project London soundtrack.

Speaking of which, the Project London folks are about ready to release the 90-second teaser trailer for the upcoming film, featuring the aforementioned “Multiply.” Wait’ll you see it. More on that to come…

In the meantime, get caught up and listen to Skeletons. Or just download it already.