Lunar Singles, Round 2

Chapter two of the monthly Lunar Singles, “Multiply,” hits radio and the internet March 15.

Multiply is a special kind of tune. While it’s been around for a while and has become a staple of our live sets, it’s never been released. The song was originally recorded six years ago during the sessions for the self-titled second record. There were three or four songs from those sessions that seemed to vibe differently from the rest. We promptly mixed them up real nice and then sat on them, waiting for the time to be right. That time is now.

Two mix versions of the song, the radio version and the Project London Mix, will be available exclusively on the Project London soundtrack.

Speaking of which, the Project London folks are about ready to release the 90-second teaser trailer for the upcoming film, featuring the aforementioned “Multiply.” Wait’ll you see it. More on that to come…

In the meantime, get caught up and listen to Skeletons. Or just download it already.

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