Chicago Independent Radio Project – Best of 2010

CHIRP Radio in Chicago gives HAD a nod for best singles series of 2010. CHIRP says:

“This indie pop band boasts five songwriters who each bring a distinctive style to the table, while contributing to one another’s work in a way that allows Half Acre Day’s overall sound to gel. Their challenge for the year was to write, record and release a new song each month (on an unsigned band’s budget, with day jobs), and the result is an album’s worth of confident, nuanced, catchy rock. Get one, or get them all.”

Lunar Single #11 – Wrists and Other Things

Happy Holidays, friends! What a year it’s been…

First off, we’re finally nearing the end of our year-long cycle of songs. Song 11 of the 12, “Wrists,” has just been released today. Give it a listen on our website and get ready to have your booty shook.

You can download “Wrists” on iTunes or at Amazon MP3.

Stay tuned for the final song in the cycle, “Maribelle,” due out in January. Yessir, just as soon as we finish it.

Also! In the midst of our artistic fervor, we very recently wrote and (mostly) recorded a brand new song called “The Pythagoras Switch” for the soundtrack to the upcoming sci-fi movie Project London, coming soon to a flickhouse near you. We’re all aflutter about this development and hope you will join us in fluttership. More on that as details unfold.

We wish you and yours and ours the most joyous of season’s greetings. Here, have a cookie.


Half Acre Day

New Single Available Today – "Itch"

Listen to this. The song is called “Itch,” made up by us in HAD under the direction of songwriter/drummer Dusty Hayes.

Incidentally, this marks Dusty’s songwriting debut as a member of the band. All we can say is forget what they say about letting drummers write songs (i.e., don’t). This is a damn fine and catchy tune that we’re proud to call our own.

Wanna download this one on iTunes? Of course you do.

Double the Singles – It’s Twofer-Tember!

“Where are those songs you promised?!” I hear you screaming shrilly. Please, lower your voice! We haven’t forgotten. In fact, today we are releasing two (2) brand-new Lunar Singles for your listening pleasure. They can be found here.

First up is “Fell From an Airplane,” a characteristically jubilant HAD tune about impending death. Death by falling. You know, from an airplane.

From the atmosphere down to the hydrosphere, song number two, “In the Belly of a Whale,” examines the joy of utter isolation.

But enough talk. Let’s listen.