Revenge of the Nerds

We’re all familiar with the archetype of the Sci-Fi Ultra-Geek. Lonesome. Overweight. Pungent. Never kissed a girl. In their 30s and living with their mothers. Bitter about George Lucas. Furiously tapping out hyper-critical blog comments against works they secretly wish they had done themselves.

We in Half Acre Day have officially entered this strange world, and from where we’re sitting, it’s everything it’s purported to be and more.

Last night, Viso Trailers – one of the most popular YouTube Channels out there – published two teasers for the upcoming no-budget sci-fi film/awesomefest Project London, both of which feature Half Acre Day tunes.

This little development put PL is the sandbox with the big kids. Within a few scant hours, each clip had more thousands of views, and the nerd comments were flying like +2 magic missiles.

Granted, the most popular sentiment was “WTF?” Close behind that was “ummmm.. WTF?” and “WTF is this?” These were clearly not posted by our lonely corpulent heroes – who are typically more gifted in the art of simile and metaphor – but is more likely the work of pubescent trolls clandestinely farting into their dad’s laptop after a good porn session.

No sir, you can tell who the real deals are, their posts blossoming as they do with pure vitriolic poetry . A small sampling below, [sic] throughout [and I couldn’t resist commenting in brackets.]:

“this is to sci fi movies what red alert 3 was to 21th century strategy games… for those who dont get the analogy red alert 3 looked worse than its predecessor which was done almost 10 years b4 it” [Thanks for the history lesson, but the real lesson here is to go outside more often.]

“looks like alonger episode of doctor who….basically some of the worst shit ever produced by man. not just tv or film. shit anything!” [Note the unrestrained bitterness and utter familiarity with something they ostensibly loathe. This guy has masturbation guilt written all over him.]

“All I saw was a homo, a bomb and some robots” [More masturbation guilt.]

“‘and we’ll all end up as ammonium chlorine’…basic chemistry fail.” [A jab at Yours Trulies’ intentionally obtuse lyrics. Ha on you, commentor, ’cause actually I got a D in basic chemistry. But only ’cause I was totally making out with my totally hot lab partner the whole time. And also your mom.]

“Teasers are less than 30 seconds………EPIC FAIL” [Oh my God, he’s right! There are RULES, man! Good art always follows the RULES! EPIC FAIL!]

And my favorite:

“This looks like one of those cocky little indie movies that thinks it can generate lots of hype with it’s off kilter style and become a big hit. Too bad I don’t give a shit. If you can’t come up with a coherent trailer that explains a story and just gives me sub-par special effects to the tune of shitty new age pop/rock bullshit, expect me to sneak into your movie at best, and only stick around for the half of it.” [Downs another handful of girl-repelling Corn Nuts.]

Now don’t get me wrong… truly, I kid. Science fiction is the bee’s knees, if you ask me; the iconography of the genre has a big pull on me as an artist and songwriter, which is probably part of the reason the filmmakers approached us in the first place. That and the fact that we, like them, are odd.

And more than anything, I’m jazzed to see so many adorable dorks incensed by 90 seconds of weirdly fascinating footage. Man, this is gonna be good.

See for yourself, and join the fun:

Project London Unleashed teaser on Viso Trailers.
Project London Multiply teaser on Viso Trailers.

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