Weekends are 4 ROK.

What a weekend!

Saturday we had the rare privilege of playing a private party in Allyn, WA, in a beautiful community unknown as Treasure Island, right on Puget Sound, at a surprise celebration for the birthday of the wife of Matt K.’s dentist and friend Don Mayer. By the way, if you’re in the PS area and in the market for a good teeth-and-gums man, look him up – he’s the best there is and a top-notch bloke to boot. No, we don’t typically use this blog as a forum plugging healthcare providers, but in this case, we’ll make a well-deserved exception.

The party was a blast and the partygoers knew what they were doing, taking the band to task and getting us to play songs on-the-fly we’d never tackled before in a two-straight-hour set. They danced. They sang along. They twisted and shouted and sat in with us. They freaking limboed. Beautiful people, all. Can’t wait to do it again.

Not ones to sit on our collective hands, we headed out the next morning for an all-day video shoot with the makers of upcoming sci fi classic Project London. The song, “The Pythagoras Switch,” was written by Half Acre Day exclusively for the movie, which is set in a dystopian, alternate-present-day Seattle.

We hit some great locations and got what promises to be some killer footage under the direction of filmmakers Mike McCoy and Javier C├íceres – who recently made a name for himself with this viral lip dub video, which garnered 1.7 million YouTube views, national headlines, a stint on the network talk-show circuit and a score of imitators, including the cast of The Office. Not bad!

These guys were super-pro and yet full the kind of piss-n-vinegar that only hungry young moviemakers possess. It was a joy to work with them and we can’t wait to get a look at the outcome, which will eventually show up here.

Now onto the next thing: a little travelin’. We’re leaving this evening for a trio of shows down in the beautiful state Oregon. We’re gonna be blogging all about it, or at least as much as the state of wi-fi will allow, just so’s you can keep an eye on us. Stay tuned! This oughtta be good.

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