Shhh… Listen!

The newest Lunar Single, “Clockwise,” is officially out on May 14, but you can go and listen to it right freaking now. And you really should.

Once again, has it locked and loaded. Itunes? Not just yet… but technically they still have 13 hours or so. Before we law ’em.

Just kidding, Apple. We know better than to go lawing the likes of you. You just put the song up, you know, whenever you get the chance! And thanks for being you. 🙂

Oh and hey, we’re in a contest. It has something to do with a movie starring that lovable scamp Michael Cera. If you really loved us, you’d help us win by voting early and often at their web site. The cool thing is, for every vote you cast, you’ll get a free download (up to 100 free downloads). Super Bonus!

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