Hug Point – New Single Out Today

Song #3 of the 12 monthly Lunar Singles releases is officially on the loose. “Hug Point” is a positively lovely little number destined to become a HAD fan favorite.

Don’t believe me? Listen to Hug Point at Half Acre Day’s site. Brag to your friends that you were the first. Even if you weren’t, who’s gonna know? Your cat, or perhaps some dear departed loved ones (all of whom are watching your every move, by the way)? No matter. The important thing is that they won’t be telling anyone.

When your release schedule is synchronized to the movements of celestial bodies, timing can be a challenge. That said, iTunes – which is apparently not iTuned to such arcana – is lagging behind a bit on getting the song up for download.

Happily, Amazon is on the ball. You can get Hug Point at right now. At less than a dollar, even.

Its lack of awareness of the Lunar Calendar notwithstanding, I myself remain and iTunes man. As soon as it becomes available there, you can bet we’ll be getting the word out. Shoot, it might have already happened. Check on HAD’s iTunes place to find out. If nothing else, you may find a trove of undiscovered aural delights from the band.

If you like Hug Point, or any other works by those roguish devils in Half Acre Day, please consider posting a review, comment, blog, twitter, handbill or bathroom-stall-carving to that effect on the media outlet of your choice. Oh, and you should totally be our fan on Facebook. We do this kind of stuff all the time.

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