HAD takes on Hollywood.

Exciting? Yes!

In our secret underground lair, the pungent aroma of decision-making wafts. The second single in the cycle has (pretty much) been agreed upon. If Dusty – who is currently wandering the wilderness – disagrees and does not have a really compelling reason for doing so, we will fall upon him and feast upon his innards.

We’re not naming names… not yet. You’ll just have to wait and see. March 15, baby. Beware the Ides and like that.

However, we will say that talks with our film phenom friends at Spiral Productions – makers of the upcoming independent sci-fi flick Project London – have revved up to, like, a hunn’rd. Producer Phil McCoy (who actually has the word “philm” IN HIS NAME), informed us that they are quickly closing in on the movie’s release.

We’ve been privileged to witness some eye-popping footage from the movie, set to the rocking strains of none other than Half Acre Day.

And we are officially stoked.

This is but a wee example, featuring the song Astronauts by Half Acre Day, (which are us… follow along).

A “no budget” sci-fi film made by raving genius madmen and madwomen from all corners of the globe, Project London, we firmly believe, has the potential to change the way movies are made, marketed and released.

And the soundtrack? Mmm Hm. It’ll be heavy on the Half Acre Day, including some brand new tunes you won’t find anywhere’s else.

This movie is gonna blow the doors off Hollywood’s machine. I mean, big fat Tinseltown producers will be weeping like kindergarteners. They’ll have little spots of pee adorning the fronts of their thousand-dollar pants. Because it’s our movie and they can’t have it.

More on that to come.

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